Classics Club Event Call – February & March

If you are hosting anything for The Classics Club community in the coming weeks, please give a shout out below with the name of the event, the dates, a link (either to the event, or your blog), and any special rules. (Like, you must check in weekly or don’t take part — that sort of thing.)

If you’re on Twitter, please tweet your event to –

Please note:  This post is not intended as a replacement for the group schedule. This is just a way to keep people apprised of the events each month, so we get a little reminder. For this month, please tell us about any events you have planned for February and March.

If you want to submit something for the community schedule: This post does not count as a submission. This post is a way to communicate with your fellow clubbers. To submit an event to the moderators, please continue to go through the email process, and bear in mind your moderators retain the right to post events on the schedule at their discretion, as and if time permits. (For we are all crazy busy!) 🙂

Have ideas for future events but prefer someone else host them? Please share them in the comments! Maybe someone will take up the torch!

Also, remember we host The Classics Spin and our 12 Months Event here at the club blog. We’d love for you to join in.

Good reading –

– The Club


5 thoughts on “Classics Club Event Call – February & March

  1. Feb/Mar Read-Along of The Odyssey by Homer.

    I’ll be hosting my first read-along event during the next two months. First reading section starts next week and wraps-up just prior to April. Join any time, use as opportunity to finish a started project read sitting in the TBR pile.

    Stop by and sign-Up here.


  2. February is Women in Horror Recognition Month! At my Reading Fiction–Tales of Terror blog during February, I am featuring classic women authors of gothic, quiet horror, mystery, supernatural, and ghost short stories. Each Tuesday I will post a short story introduction, links to the FREE online text and Librivox recording. My Tuesday’s posts normally feature a 19th- or 20th-century tale of the supernatural, but for February I’m delighted to join in the thousands of women and men who are celebrating women authors past and present. Please stop by on Tuesdays in February for a read of these fine women writers that live on with us through their fiction.

    Reading Fiction, Tales of Terror
    Women in Horror Month: February


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