Book Corner: What are you reading today?

“Reading (portrait of Edma Morisot).” Berthe Morisot, 1873.

Here’s a space to tell the club what you’re currently reading. You’re welcome to use the comments below.

No pressure, of course! But if you’re feeling social, here’s a space to tell us about your latest classic. As always, you are of course welcome to leave a link to your blog if you prefer to share there.

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44 thoughts on “Book Corner: What are you reading today?

  1. I’ve just finished the Booker winner The Luminaries on Friday night, now pondering my review…also still half way through my CCspin The Brothers K….
    Reading a couple of light teen books right now – it’s a nice change of pace after 2 chunksters (An Abundance of Katherines and Heart Beat a new book by Elizabeth Scott.)


  2. I’m working on finishing Dead Souls for Long Awaited Reads month–about 50 pages to go. It’s funny! I’m doing the Eugene Onegin readalong, and for CC Shakespeare I just started The Winter’s Tale. Just. I’m still in the second scene.


  3. Today I am not reading any classics from my list, but rather reading Grace’s Pictures by Cindy Thomson. The book is interesting so far, but only on the second chapter, so I don’t have too much of an opinion yet.


  4. I read the book clubs challenge the sound of the mountain. I put my review in Goodreads but I will share it here it is my first real read of any Japanese literature. I don’t know what I expected or if it was great rapport but it was okay. I really struggled with the names of the characters that was hard for me I had to write some things down and one book reading becomes work that becomes a challenge for me to really stick with the appreciate it. I didn’t like the idea and the flow of the story in a specially how regret and missed opportunity almost played a character in road block and as the main character or got a 20 old is actually here physically approaching the end of his life. I don’t know if this morning Courage me to read another Japanese book for now but I do know that I am happy I read it and it was fine I do have a challenge my own shop to give out in someone’s read McAdams boy’s life fantastic thanks for the challenge I’m waiting for more. I am also currently reading Hamlet Dr sleep by Stephen King and listening on audio books to the Emperor’s tomb by Steve berry a great historical thriller writer I’m learning to like him.


  5. Have just finished ‘A Room of One’s Own’ – really enjoyed it, and very different to Woolf’s fiction (that I’ve read).


  6. I’m working on my Read All the SK project this week, so I’m reading THE TOMMYKNOCKERS by Stephen King. I’ll also be reading some of INDEPENDENT STUDY by Joelle Charbonneau, which is the second book in a great YA trilogy.


    • Wow – that’s a project and a half! Are you reading them in chronological order?
      I’ll be curious to see how you go with The Tommyknockers and the next few after that (I stopped reading King for quite a while thanks that period of writing!!) Thankfully the last few Gunslinger books brought me back into the fold 🙂

      Good luck!


      • Yep! A friend and I are reading them all together, in the order they were published. I’ve read the Dark Tower series three times now, and thought it was about time to read the rest of his stuff (since the Dark Tower is the nexus of all the worlds). A few of them are rereads for me, but I’m reading most of them for the first time.

        The Tommyknockers went on FOREVER. King had a grand case of verbal diarrhea when he wrote that one. It could easily have been 200 pages shorter and been a better book, I think. I didn’t dislike it–there were lots of things about it I liked–but it was just too long. Blah.


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