Second Check-In Post #ccreadathon

ccreadathon2Aloha, Clubbers and Readathoners!

Yes, I, Adam am back again!  Another 9 hours have passed, which puts us well-beyond the half-way point! Holy Cow!  I hope you all are making some great progress with your new years’ reading.

Although I have taken quite a few breaks, today, to exercise, shower, eat, and run out for some errands (we are expecting 10+ inches of snow and temperatures nearly 20 degrees below zero in the next few days), I think I’m making some good strides.

I’ve read 150 pages of Ulysses, putting me 50 pages beyond my goal mark for that book, and leaving me with just 3 episodes left to complete the entire book!  Thrilled about that.  Also, I read 100 pages of Leaves of Grass, hitting my goal with that one, too.  So, I just need to try to read 100 pages of Walt Whitman’s America and I will have successfully achieved what I set out to do with this readathon.  Hope I don’t fall asleep or give up!  My eyes are pretty tired (and my brain is rather mushy after 150 pages of Ulysses, let’s be honest).

So, how are you all doing? Things have gone a bit hushed on Twitter, so either that means you’re all busy reading (great!) or you’ve all decided to call it quits (hope not!).  Let us know what you’re up to.  There are 9 hours left in the readathon, so plenty of time to engage in even more Classics reading fun!

Good luck in these last 9 hours! Read, read, read! See you at the finish line!

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You can find the Sign-Up Post and Linky Widget Here.


12 thoughts on “Second Check-In Post #ccreadathon

  1. The time difference makes sleeping for a while so much more tempting because you know that you still have time to read in the morning. But thanks to Gatsby my dreams were full of jazz age people!
    Anyway, I’m ready to tackle the last few hours now with Siddharta,


  2. Thanks to the time zone difference it’s already Sunday afternoon in Sydney. We had a friends wedding last night – a late night and a very slow start to our day. But I’m ready to power home with a 6 hour reading dash to the line.
    A lovely summer afternoon breeze is blowing in through the bedroom verandah door. The sailing boats are meandering by on the harbour. I have my vegemite & cheese hangover cure & a glass of cold water.
    I know I won’t finish The Brothers K, but 100 pages would be good. (Today’s starting page is 404.)


  3. I’m still at it! I’ve had to take a lot more breaks than I’d anticipated – problems with the kitchen sink, family stuff, and a bunch of little things, plus cooking/eating, etc. I doubt I’m going to finish a full book, as I’ve been spreading my reading around between 4 titles to keep from dozing off, but I’m making progress on all of them.

    I’ve read 144 pages out of 254 of Rite of Passage, (I *might* actually end up finishing this one if I can stay awake and reading,) about 25 pages of Mrs. Dalloway out of 194, because Wow! is this one ever moving slowly. I like stream-of-consciousness and V. Woolf, but for whatever reason I’m having trouble MAINTAINING consciousness during this one…perhaps I w ill put it aside and only read it in early mornings. I’ve also read 3 of the 7 stories in Seven Japanese Tales (a reread from some 15 years ago) and about 25 pages in The Pillow Book (another reread, this time from over 25 years ago.) When I read it in my teens, I read it as literature. This time I’m reading it more as nonfiction, keeping my finger in the back of the book at the footnotes section, reading each one diligently as it comes up in the text. There are often 2, 3 or more footnotes marked in each sentence! So this is slow- but rewarding-going, as while I enjoyed it immensely upon first read, this time I feel like I’m learning a lot more about the culture and time period of Heian-era Japan.


  4. I’m going to keep reading as long as I can. We’re expecting crazy amounts of snow tomorrow too. I’m curled up with The Talented Mr. Ripley and enjoying the serious creepiness before I fall asleep!


    • I hope you and Adam stay warm and cosy in your respective abodes when the snow storm hits.

      In Sydney it is a lovely balmy summers afternoon. Doors & windows wide open to let in the sea breeze – perfect!


  5. We better not be the only ones left, haha! I should be done with book number four (In Our Time) within the hour, then it’s on to Hamlet for my final book. I doubt I’ll be able to keep my eyes open after that, but if I’m feeling crazy I shall find another book and get reading some more. I have a book club meeting at 10AM tomorrow, so at least a little sleep would be nice.


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