Sync Read #2: East of Eden (Second Check-In!)

East of Eden
– Sync Read #2 –

June 10 through August 30East of Eden by John Steinbeck

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All right, clubbers! It’s the two-thirds point for our second sync read, which is designed to be stress-free and place the focus on reading together, rather than completing assignments. (Unless that’s your thing.)

Are you reading? Weigh in below — chat, leave a link to your post if you wrote something, read quietly if you prefer to keep to yourself but love knowing you’re reading with others, even silently. Weigh in here and say nothing at your blog. Whatever suits your personality.

There is no Mr. Linky below because the point in this feature is to talk together in a central place, and list our blogs if it comes up. (Which is of course welcome.)

Tell us how your reading is going! If you know some background on Steinbeck you want to share, if you have read the novel before and are redipping with the group, if you feel sentimental about the read for any reason (maybe the book was a family member’s favorite), if you read it in college and want to try it again on your own, if you’ve never read it and don’t know what it’s about but it’s on your list so you’re reading it. If you like it, if you don’t like it, if you forgot to begin the book. Etc.

Having any struggles? Loving anything in particular? Favorite character? Are you still with us?

We’ll toss up our final post on August 30 for the finish. Subscribe to the comments below to follow the discussion.

(No spoilers beyond the two-thirds point in the book please!) – And it’s no pressure here! Feel free to weigh in in a week or nine months, if you like.

– The Club

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2 thoughts on “Sync Read #2: East of Eden (Second Check-In!)

  1. I just finished Part 2. This is a reread for me, so I’ve been taking it a bit slowly. Just like last time, I find that it’s hard not to get caught up in this book. I’ll be waiting until I complete it to put up a post with my detailed thoughts. Hope others reading are enjoying it!


  2. I just finished reading Travels with Charley by Steinbeck and I loved it so much I jumped right in to East of Eden. I am very pleasantly surprised! I’m loving it! I am not that far in, Adam and crazy Cathy have just moved to California, but I am hooked and can’t stop reading.

    Looking forward to seeing the thoughts and reviews.



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