Introducing: The Classics Club Sync Reads

This event has ended, though you’re welcome to continue sharing links to the corresponding book. Thanks for participating!

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We will be hosting four sync reads throughout 2013, in conjunction with the events already organized on the Club Events Page:

(Rereaders are welcome!)

Twitter hashtag#ccsyncread (so we can group chat!)


What is a sync read?

A sync read is an opportunity to find other club members who are reading a particular title, and sync your read.

A sync read is not a readalong. The moderators will not ask discussion questions here, provide information on the author of the book, expect you to write posts, or offer prizes for reading.

Rather, we want to encourage you to come here if you’re reading, and touch base with others. We want you to guide your own reading, and for the sync read to focus on offering an opportunity to be social, check in, encourage one another, etc — rather than offering assignments throughout the read. This is a read for the people who like to do their own research, keep their thoughts pretty back-burner until they finish a book — but still yearn to read along with other folks, now and then.

So a sync read is nothing but a reading room. We’ll toss a post up when the read starts, one or two throughout, and one at the end of the sync. Which will say little more than, “The read starts today. Check in with your thoughts if you’re reading.”


If you all want to write up discussions and such at your blog, you’re more than welcome to do so, and link them within the room we provide. But it isn’t necessary. The point is to keep it pressure-free and low key, and make sure everyone feels welcome to weigh in wherever they are in the book and however they like to respond to literature.

Please note:

The activities on this site (memes, check-ins, sync reads, etc) are intended to contribute to the reading journey of those who seek a bit of connection with the group. None of these extra activities are intended to curb your reading joy. If you prefer to work on your list quietly and save any remarks for your personal book post, that’s respected and encouraged, too. This extra stuff is because some people like book mingling. 🙂

That said – Please remember to send your events to Arie Stotle, if you’re hosting something for The Classics Club in 2013. We’d love some more children’s events, Victorian Events, feminist-centered events (maybe a Persophone Reads Event), an African-American Lit Event, a Transcendentalist Event, Translated Works Event, World War One Event, maybe a Thomas Hardy event. Readalongs.

It’s up to you if you want host something. No pressure.  🙂 Go to the Events Page to see our current schedule.

Twitter hashtag: #cceventsched (for classics club community events)

Anybody planning to join in on the sync reads this year (one or more?)

Feel free to share titles for future syncs below, if you like the idea. 🙂

– The Club

43 thoughts on “Introducing: The Classics Club Sync Reads

  1. I’ve just picked up my copy of Their Eyes Were Watching God. I’ve got 3 days to finish my holiday read (Love and Death in Bali) and I’m in!!
    Looking forward to my first sync reading experience.


  2. You guys are fantastic!
    Which is why I love this club so much.

    Lots of events to keep us in touch with each other and on track with our classic reading, but only if we want to.

    I hope to join in some of the sync reading but will decide closer to the time.

    I’d love to see an event that focuses on literature from other countries like Asia, India, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Armenia etc…although getting copies of books could be an issue.

    Keep up the good work and happy reading everyone!


    1. Brona…I would love to do an event with Indian Literature…there are lots of fantastic Indian writers whose books are easily attainable. Some of my absolute favorites are Thrity Umrigar and Rohinton Mistry….I also picked up a book when I was in India called “Raj” by Gita Mehta. My copy is in English and done by Penguin so I would assume it would be attainable as well.


  3. Count me in for the sync reads and I will be posting for each one. I would also be willing to host a Thomas Hardy event at Stiletto Storytime if anyone else might want to work with me on it?


  4. I was supposed to read To the Lighthouse this March but it is proving to be a difficult read, even though generally I love Virginia Woolf’s books. It might be a good idea to do the sync read with you guys so I can ask questions or cry for help if I need it :P.

    And again, this is another reason of why I love this Club so much!


    1. I have read them all too but not in the last few years so I am going to try to enjoy re-reading with fresh perspective. 😉


  5. I think I’ll be in for David Copperfield. Depends on how I feel about it come November. I’m currently not interested in the rest. I would like to read East of Eden some time, but I have first to read Grapes of Wrath that’s been on my shelf for the last three months.


  6. This is a great idea! These low-key projects are great for me as they push me toward a specific book on my list. I’m in for To the Lighthouse in the fall. Thanks for all you do to keep the CC humming along!


  7. I have Their Eyes Were Watching God on my list so I might join in the on that sync read. I’m tempted to take part in the sync read for David Copperfield too since I own a copy, but I was really hoping to read A Tale of Two Cities or Oliver Twist first before I read any of his others since they’ve been on my TBR list the longest. I’ll guess I’ll see what mood I’m in when November rolls around.


  8. Neat!

    I have “East of Eden” on my list, so might try to sync for this one. I would love to read David Copperfield with others, too, but I have read it and I am not planning to re-read atm.


  9. Another good idea, guys, with the sync reads… 😉 I’d definitely go with David Copperfield; it’s in Nov & Dec where I haven’t put too much schedule yet, and DC is one of those books I’m longing to read. So, I’m positively in for it! 😉


  10. I might check in for David Copperfield later, depending on how my reading is going. The other books are not on my list and they dont attract me enough to include them (I may reconsider East of Eden!). Reading at least one Dickens is on my list however, so let’s see how things progress to allow me to take part!


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