Happy Anniversary to The Classics Club!


The Club was founded one year ago today.

Happy Birthday to The Classics Club, founded one year ago today.

We couldn’t let our first anniversary go by without mentioning it. 🙂

So how has it been for you? Has being a member of the club affected your reading?

How long have you been with us, and what is your favorite memory from the club so far?

If you could do it again, would you still join us?

Thanks sincerely for a great first year, everyone.

Feel free to comment below!


21 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to The Classics Club!

  1. Happy anniversary, The Classics Club! I joined the club on March 24, 2012 and so far I have read 24 books. (woohoo!)
    I wanna thank the moderators for your work, for the discussions, memes, events, it’s been so fun! You guys rock!


  2. Happy anniversary! This is a wonderful community of readers and bloggers. And the best thing for me is that I’ve read more classics in the past 12 mnths than I have in years 🙂
    Here’s to many more anniversarys together.


  3. Happy anniversary! I’ve joined you the day after you were born. 😉
    Thanks for all your hard works to maintain this club, and to provide us much fun to read classics! 🙂


  4. I’ve only been a member since the end of January, but I’ve already made The Classics Club part of my life by visiting everyone’s blog when they post and talking non-stop at work about reading classics. I appreciate this community.


  5. I love how the Club keeps growing, even after a year! I’m proud to be a member, and even if I haven’t had a chance to cross anything off my list yet this year… I’m still proud of the progress I’ve made up to this point. Glad to be a part of all of this with you all!


  6. I’ve been with the club since the beginning. I’ve read a few more books that I was scared to tackle. I’ve loved the community that has been created here. There are so many wonderful thoughts on classics out there and I love having a central location where we can reference them!


  7. I’m a new member but congrats on the large following and dedicated members after a year! Lots of hard work goes into this site and I’ve enjoyed seeing others’ lists and reviews and look forward to sharing in great discussions about the classics. Always something going on to enjoy!


  8. I joined last April. So almost a year now! That’s exciting. I have read 13 from my list of 76 (I know… such a random number!). And I have loved almost all of them so far. I grew up reading classic literature thanks to the curriculum my mom used in homeschooling me. But thanks to the Classics Club I am definitely trying some Classics I would never have had the courage to read otherwise. And I love to read all of the reviews, suggestions, conversations and musings that people involved with the Classics Club write. It’s a great community. And I am so glad it’s been around a full year now. Here’s to many more!

    And a special thank you to all of the moderators who put so much work into taking care of this site for us. I can only imagine that it’s a huge task and I really do appreciate it!


  9. I joined last August and enjoying it so far. I already had all of the classics that are on my list and had been wanting to read them, when I found the Classics club. It than gave me the determination to try it. I really enjoy reading others reviews and finding new books or authors that I have not heard of before. So far I am about halfway through my 5th book.


  10. I woul never have been driven to dig into any of the classics. As it is I have read 20 since July 2012 and don’t see any sign of stopping! I love them! thanks for the encouragement everyone!


  11. I joined the club in September 2012 and have really enjoyed it. I have found some excellent bloggers to follow through the club and have read some wonderful books I probably wouldn’t have gotten to without the motivation of the Classics Club. The readathon in January was my favorite activity so far!


  12. I’ve only been a member for two weeks :waves hello: but I’d say I’ve started to sharpen the focus on my reading list so I’m sure I’ll want to write about the texts I’m choosing. I’m also more motivated about writing, which is a change form finding it too intimidating to even being.
    The biggest positive has been reading the other member’s book reviews. I can look over the list of reviews and get an opinion on a book I’m interested in and new insight on some of my old favorites.


  13. I’ve had such fun being involved in the classics club so far (I joined in November). It’s helped me finally start reading books that have been on my shelves for years. It’s also been wonderful to discuss the classics with other book lovers. My favorite part so far is the monthly memes!


  14. Happy anniversary! I just joined in February, and haven’t *finished* any of the books on my list yet, but I’ve started! I can’t believe you’re only one year old, with all of the people who follow you 🙂


  15. Happy Birthday!
    I joined The Classics Club last April, and it’s been a great decision, I’ve discovered a lot of classics but, especially, bloggers that also share my passion for them.
    I’ve had fun with all the events that you organized, I hope there’ll be more in the future (and somehow achieve a greater level of interaction between membres!) 🙂


  16. Happy birthday CC! I’ve been in from the beginning and have now read about 25 classics that I probably would not have gotten around to if I hadn’t joined. In fact I’ve read a bunch of books that I never would have heard of! I tried to stuff my list with books from all over the world, and I wouldn’t have read them if I hadn’t had the CC. I’m very grateful. 🙂


  17. Happy Birthday! Whoohoo. I’ve definitely found myself reading many more classics, obviously. But it’s great because these are books I’d put off for ages that I told myself I’d get too at some point in life, but in all honesty probably never would.


  18. Happy Birthday and World Book Day!

    Joining the club last May has opened my eyes to the great range of enjoyable classics. It’s definitely helping my fiction writing.

    No lows. Only good ready.


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