The Classics Club Readathon: Check-In Post 2.

Classics Club Readathon January 2013It’s Allie, yet again, to check in with you to see how you’re doing.

I’m just coming off two hours of working on things for my classroom, so I am feeling a bit twitchy and tired. With less than 8 hours to go in the readathon, I’m pretty sure I need to get some sleep (I’m think of how awful Monday will be if I don’t). But, I am planning on getting up before the readathon ends to read a bit more.

So, how are we doing? I checked twitter and it seems a little quiet. Is anyone still making progress? Let us know!

Good luck in the last 7 hours! Read, read, read!

9 thoughts on “The Classics Club Readathon: Check-In Post 2.

  1. I’ve been out for a couple of hours which has rested the eyes and ready to carry on for a while longer now. About 50p of Rebecca to go.


  2. I’ve spent more time thinking about reading than actually reading, but I’m a third of the way through the beautiful and damned. I keep playing with Instagram too #classicsclubreadathon if you want to share a photo of your favourite reading place today.


  3. I’m finishing up with Lewis Carroll right now. Both Alice stories will leave me with four books read, also including Hemingway and Greene. Thanks for hosting. I had a lot of fun! 🙂


  4. Good morning! (my least..) Coffee is brewing and and I have another 200 pages of Sophie’s World. I’ve managed to finish one book, In Praise of Shadows, which provided some very interesting perspective on aesthetics. Now, however, it gets serious with more philosophy!


  5. I’m busy reading, except when the cats fight, my 97 year old mom snitches on them, and my big dog tries to eat the queso–He’s lazy so he scooped it up bowl and all and then clenched his jaws and snapped it all in two. Other than that, all’s well. The big dogs (3) are in their beds for the night and the little dogs (3) are zonked out around me on the couch. I hope my mother goes to sleep and the cats call it a night. Me? I’m going to read. Moby Dick, here I come. (Hope others are reading tonight.)


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