The Classics Club Readathon: Check-In Post.

Classics Club Readathon January 2013Hey readathoners! Allie here to check in with you all and see how you’re doing!

We’re about three hours away from the halfway point, so I thought it might be good to “check-in” and see how you’re holding up. I know quite a few of you started early/late, and that is totally okay! Coordinating a readathon around the globe makes for tricky logistics.

I’ve enjoyed reading through the posts from the starting line, as well as what you’ve been saying on twitter (by the way, we are using #ccreadathon for any tweets related to the ‘thon!). You have all inspired me to get my butt in gear this year and do more fabulous classics reading.

To check-in, let us know if you’re still reading, what book you’re plowing through, and anything else! I’m excited to see who’s still chugging along! So post away and let us know what’s up with your classics reading!


30 thoughts on “The Classics Club Readathon: Check-In Post.

  1. I know I could be doing better with my progress, but I did pick up a new book to add to my January list. But, since I am in this to get a bit farther in my reading than I would normally, I’m not too fussed. I’ve still got time before the wee earlies kick in…


  2. I managed a good chunk of Woman in White and reread “Murder in the Cathedral” before dinner. After dinner I had a social event to attend so missed quite a few hours of reading time. (It was a fun event though, so I’m glad I went.) Now I am back and ready to read some more Wilkie Collins. Not sure I will manage more than a few hours before falling asleep though.


  3. It’s 3.20 a.m. here and I am still awake, reading through the night. I’m halfway through Tolkiens The Hobbit and I’d love to finish it, but I will probably have to catch a few hours sleep soon. Still excited though πŸ™‚


  4. I started at 2pm my time and finished the first two chapters of The Tale of Genji before dinner. The introduction and those two chapters took me a really long time. It’s a fascinating read, but I will almost definitely make it a year-long project I think.
    I’ve begun reading Sherlock Holmes, but instead of reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes I decided to start at the beginning with A Study in Scarlet.
    It’s now 1am and I think I may go to sleep. I will try to finish A Study in Scarlet tomorrow before the end of the readathon. I’m a bit disappointed with myself but I just can’t stay awake any longer ;(


  5. I’m just now returning to reading and hope to get a few more hours in tonight. I might have to flip a coin to decide between Little Women and The Princess and the Goblin.


  6. Working on Kerouac’s Big Sur. Not sure I will finish tonight. 6 hour interruption to go see the Met HD broadcast of Berlioz Les Troyens. Hope to write something before it’s over. If not maybe in a day or two.


  7. I’ve had quite a few interruptions, but the dinner dishes are done and I’m ready to start reading again. I decided to just concentrate on Madame Bovary since I’m enjoying it so much.


  8. I am almost 4 hrs in and have just finished my first read – Picnic at Hanging Rock (186). Next up – finishing Rebecca which I started yesterday. Both of these are rereads .


  9. I’m currently half way through, “The Cossacks,” and after I finish it, I’m thinking of starting, “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” since it’s really short! πŸ™‚


      • Well so far it’s not a bad book and I’m really curious to see how Tolstoy is going to end it. The first few chapters I didn’t get into but I kept reading and I’m glad I didn’t give up on it. Tolstoy made some pretty interesting characters in the story. I would check it out especially if you’re into his work. πŸ™‚


        • I used to read a lot of Tolstoy and then haven’t for years. I’ve returned to him again recently and really enjoyed his last novella, Hadji Murad ( It is based on his experience in the Caucasian War as is his early novella, The Cossacks, which is why I thought it might be interesting to read now.


  10. I caught up with Jane Austen’s Persuasion for the read-a-long I’m in. Beyond that, I dabbled a bit. I’m just starting this challenge, so I was dipping my toes and seeing which of my list I liked and which I was regretting. Surprise of the night: I don’t hate Picture of Dorian Gray as much as expected.


  11. I just finished Ethan Frome and will be moving onto Jacob’s Room once I have put the children I agreed to babysit to bed. I also have big plans for a big chai from Starbucks to help me with the post-10 p.m. hours.


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